Friday, 26 April 2013

Love Jayesslee ♥

Remember vividly, first approach to Jayeslee's song about 2 years ago.

Such a momentous piece....

which can help you wind down after a difficult week at work or study

relieve so much of stress and pressure

And, i believe this is also a very precious medicine to heal people wound and soul

You just wan to replay their song every time for any unknown reason

Hats off to Jayeslee effors of making such a nice song

Splurge so much into every piece of it

It is really hoped more to come, such a great pleasure to enjoy their covers in youtube, facebook or everywhere

From ''Failure in Disguise'' Lyric:

Well I, I hear your cry
And I, I feel your pain
I know you try so hard
To make things right,
To overcome
This endless fight
Just don't give up.


Unquestionable, i believe this is a great remainder for everyone of us, don't simply give up on whatever you are doing or like to do. For music lovers, never give up to pursue ur dream in the musical industry. From the bottom of my heart, i trustfully that every angel voice should be heard, somewhere somewhere.....through the ear to the heart =)


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