Thursday, 2 May 2013

Love again Vintage

Vintage speaks a thousand words:

A little vintage of everything, from clock ----> photo----> pictures

Vintage flowers: Remind me of my grandmother's house garden 

Vintage colour: Brighter than the sun and calmer than the moon


Vintage romance: Peach Green vintage wedding, portray love has started ages ago and going to be long lasting =)

Vintage fashion: I still believe many latest trend of fashions just assimilate from the old fashioned clothing. And women have already face with challenge to have a good shape from the old times.

Vintage Bedroom: Blush and cream of vintage colour combination, always good for own bedroom. Nahhh...but never happen. 

Vintage crafty: Something sweet from your old friends or beloved family. 

*Every vintage deserve to be loved, after the restoration, they can be fallen in love with all over again*

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