Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Heart-Warming Ghibi Anime

What is your favorite Cartoon or anime series when you were young?

I watched so many of them till when i steep into the Disney Land i felt so touching and it soon turned to become my dream land.

However, my real dream is i really wish for a very proper anime collection and museum of Ghibi. I knew Ghibi museum does exist in Japan, however heard it is a pretty small place with limited collection and display.

I was so closed to my dream early of the year when i flew to Japan. But the truth is Hello Kitty definitely overtake the popularity of any of the Ghibi Anime. ''Hello Kitty fever'' is not only serious in Japan, but i guess anywhere in the globe. So many Hello Kitty fans out there on the streets. No offense to Hello Kitty fans, as i understand why people love Hello Kitty. In fact, it is cute and mostly decorated and wrapped with a very lady pink colour. * Just like my finger nails *

~ One of the Hello Kitty shop in Japan and basically you can find it everywhere over there! ~

I never been to any of the Totoro cafe and even the Ghibi Museum in Japan. As time just way too packed, and there are many more places that we aim to drop by. Been to Tokyo, Nara, Osaka, Kyoto in a week, so u can imagine two busy men running off the street to hit the next destination.

~ One of the Gundam cafe, their decoration is pretty good and authentic. They do have a Gundam shop just next to the cafe, guess this will be good if u went with your gundam favourite partner ~

In fact, i do try to look for any nice Totoro Cafe nearby when we decided to go for Maid Cafe and Gundam Cafe in Osaka. Badly, Totoro Cafe wasn't available nearby and the Ghibi museum is pretty far which  probably will take up a lot of time.

So close yet so far. But i believe i will definitely go to one of the those places if i travel to Japan Again.


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